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Our Testimonials

  • I got rear ended at a traffic light by an under-insured driver. The professional lawyers and staff at W&P helped me get the money necessary to pay my medical bills from my insurance company and my UM coverage. The lawyers are excellent and the service from the staff is outstanding. Whenever I had a question, they answered the phone or wrote back to my emails in a jiffy. They made what could have been a bad situation easy and bearable. Summed up… they care about their clients. It’s obvious.


    Tony Martorano
  • I have to begin by saying that this was my first motor vehicle accident and even though I wouldn’t wish to have gone through that traumatic experience I am beyond happy having been put in touch with the law firm of Wolf & Pravato. From the moment we were in contact while I was in the hospital they made me feel that this situation was all about my recovery and my well being. Again being my first experience I had many questions as to the entire process but I can tell you without hesitation the entire team made sure my questions were all answered and many a times even before I asked them. Along with their tenacity to help me even with my health providers getting 2nd or even 3rd opinions they would not stop until I received the care I deserved to recover from this terrible incident. Through it all their professionalism and their compassion has been above and beyond. I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend the law firm of Wolf & Pravato to anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident they are absolutely amazing!!!


    Jessica R.
  • Hey Pravato team… you pros have been the best and have a wonderful way of communicating to your client and making them feel secure. Richard, you were always so upfront with me. I appreciate all your hard work and always being available. Denise ….you are so kind and have a wonderful warmth in your voice. You kept me so informed. Thank you so much, again for your professionalism.


    A Google User
  • Words cannot begin to explain the gratitude I have for Vincent and Richard Pravato and their staff. I have taken a long and hard two year journey through recovering from my accident and they were there with me and for me every step of the way. I feel so blessed to have been referred to the hands and care of these great people. They not only took my case seriously but they took me seriously. Being so young I worried that whoever I found would not respect me, but they took care of me from start to finish and never showed me any kind of rudeness, neglect, condescension, or lack of faith. This is the firm that will go the extra mile for you. I am elated with the outcome of my case and it wouldn’t be so, without Wolf and Pravato’s hard work to mend what was broken and guide me to where I am now. They led me through the questions, uncertainties, pain, and fear when I was at my worst. And I could tell it genuinely meant something to them when I progressed. It is because of their passion that I can open the door to a new chapter in my life. Wolf and Pravato has my everlasting trust. If you can put your faith in anything, put it in this, that this firm did their job and never had me question their ability to do so once. Source: Yelp


    Heather K.
  • I engaged Wolf & Pravato after an auto accident and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I was treated with professionalism and compassion as they walked me through the process. Their expertise and conviction prevented me from being bullied by my own insurance company. I am very pleased with the results of my case. It is more than I was expecting. I hope I never have a reason to need this type of representation again, but if I do, I will not look any farther than Wolf & Pravato. Thank you again for all your efforts; you have quite an impressive team!!! Source: Google+


    A Google User
  • Best Personal Attorneys in the U.S. Hands Down. Source: Google+


    A Google User
  • This firm gives attorneys a good name. They know how to provide excellent care to their clients. Source: Google+


    A Google User
  • After being in a horrific accident and was getting no where with the insurance companies. My neighbor recommended me to Wolf and Pravato to help me through this hard situation. I ended up needing/having surgery on my knee resulting in me being out of work for a few months since I am a waitress. The case ultimately needed to be resolved with litigation; I was walked through every step throughout my case. The staff and attorneys were very friendly and always answered my questions. I will recommended this office if you are looking for an attorney to fight for you!! Source: Google+


    A Google User
  • Great experience. Mr. Pravato explains everything to you and has a very paitient and lovely staff. Whenever I called or emailed I got responses from the attorney himself. You don’t feel like just another case to them. I would definitely recommend Wolf and Pravato to anyone. Source: Google+


    A Google User
  • I had never been in a car accident and let alone on a situation where I found my health and finances compromised by something I had no control of. After one of the worst experiences of my life, my car accident, I got a recommendation from a great coworker to call Wolf and Pravato’s law offices. From the moment I called I felt like I was in great hands and immediately felt like I could trust them. Got a home visit after hours to get the details of my accident, got all my appointments set up at the times and areas that were most convenient to me and my schedule and numerous calls with updates about my case all throughout. They made sure that I got a rental car while mine was being appraised. They ended up declaring my vehicle a total loss and I got a check shortly thereafter to go and shop for a different car. I did not start the whole process of even contacting a lawyer looking for any kind of cash compensation. Being 25 years old at the time of the accident I was just looking for my health and car to be taken care of so that I could continue enjoying my life. However, the office made sure that not only all my medical bills and my car were paid for, but I also got a compensation check at the end for the inconvenience of the whole situation. Need to mention that not once did I get a phone call from any of the other parties involved, their insurance or my own insurance. For me this was priceless as my main focus was getting better and taking care of other needs that were priority. Overall I would recommend this law office to anyone that is involved in a car accident. I was fortunate to work with Vernae and then Brian and both were awesome (had to mention them for their terrific job ;-)). I hope I never need them again but if I ever do, or anybody that would need one, I would not hesitate for a second to contact them again. Source: Yelp


    Sylvia S.
  • My family and I had an exceptional experience using Brian Malamud to represent us recently.  They were very informative and on the ball with regard to our best interests and never did we feel that we were forced into settlement for less than what was fair for all parties. I would recommend Brian and the entire law office to anyone in the future looking for fair, equal and great representation!!! Source: Yelp


    Joshua L.
  • Wow, from the beginning of this stressfilled and overwhelming journey the wolf and pravato team has made it all just so easy. Doesnt matter who picks up the phone when you call they are all so polite and knowledgeable and will go to great length to answer any questions or help with any problems you might have. Being a new mom and money being tight i just felt like i couldnt have any more burdens on my shoulders but having the wolf and pravato team on my case lifted so much stress off my families shoulders. Not only did we get more then we thought on our settlement but i just want to say everyone was such a pleasure to deal with. Bryan most importantly went above and beyond on our case and we literally cant dream of a better outcome. What he has done for me i cant thank him enough. Thank you for your great hospitality and understanding, even when i had so many questions you were always so patient and polite i am so greatful for you and the team you work with. Thank you Wolf and Pravato!!!!! Source: Yelp


    Maggie R.
  • I am so pleased with the service I received from every single person at this Law Office. They are very professional and efficient. They don’t pressure and they guide you without overwhelming you with information. They aren’t bothersome in their need for information and do all of the legwork for you. This was the best experience I have ever had with an attorney and plan to return with further legal matters if needed. Source: Yelp


    Katrina E.
  • This firm is really one of the best. My wife and I were in a legal situation that needed to get resolved, and the attorneys really came through for us. They stayed in contact with us, answered our questions, and got us the timely resolution we needed. They were attentive, approachable, and courteous. With them we were able to bring closure to this matter, and move on with out lives. They even made it convenient for us, not having drive form Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. We cannot thank them enough for all their hard work on our behalf. Source: Yelp


    Allen W.
  • What an awesome experience I have had with this firm.  They stay in constant communication throughout the process and work very hard for each one of their clients.  Attorney Brian Malamud did an amazing job on my case and got great results for me.  I highly recommend the Law Officers of Wolf and Pravato!! Source: Yelp


    Richard M.
  • I would have to spend days and days writing about Wolff & Pravato, THEIR EXPERT GUIDANCE, HONEST APPROACH, ETC…ETC…ETC…suffice to say I tell everyone I know about them. Their professionalism is only surpassed by the warm, caring staff. I can only say without any reservations, they will represent you as if you are their family, and YOU would you want someone that “really” cares about you as an individual and as a person ! Take it from me, when it comes to honesty, caring, and all around professionalism…Wolf & Pravato is the only firm you will ever need. …and Richard, Ian, and everyone there…from the bottom of my heart….THANK YOU FOR REPRESENTING ME !!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! BEST WISHES. Source: Yelp


    Rocky N.
  • I had a great experience in being represented by Vince Pravato and his team. They guided me through the complex process and I felt that my interests were always being looked after and I was being well represented fully in all aspects of my case. The staff were always prompt, responsive, professional and considerate. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Wolf and Pravato! Source: Yelp


    Alissa T.
  • I am a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney and a former Judge in Broward County, Florida . I have known Vincent Pravato personally and professional for almost 21 years. I have and continue to refer all my Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases to Vince and Richard at Wolf and Pravato. They always to a great job and get fantastic results. The clients I have referred to them have called me and told me how the staff treats them with respect , kindness and wonderful professionalism. My own family members our clients of Wolf and Pravato, Vince has always taken care of them as if they were his own family. Recently, I referred a family member whose son unfortunately died in South Carolina while driving to South Florida from New York. Even though the accident occurred in another state and my family lives in New York, Vince and his team were able to get the maximum recovery in a short period of time and were able to assist my family with all the Probate issues. Source: Yelp


    Pedro D.
  • Hello Mr. Pravato, I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all of the hard work and dedication you and your staff have shown myself, my family as well as each and every person I have introduced to your legal practice. You have always went above and beyond to help advise and guide me and have never rushed or pressured me to settle for less than you felt was overwhelmingly fair and in my favor. Throughout the years you have helped my family deal with just about every legal matter personally and even if it was not in your area of expertise – you would still brew a pot of coffee and stay overtime to help again suggest the best course of action as well as help find me the best professionals that also provide the most practical advice and always were at our side – to make sure that the people you referred were taking care of me like you do, just like you are a family member. I would recommend you for the rest of my life as you have given all of us so much peace and have “righted” each and every wrong in all of our lives. You never stop fighting for me and I want everyone else to know just how amazingly talented you and your staff are. I owe you so much – I only wish I could help you just once – so in the hopes of helping other people find you, is about the best I can do for you, but more importantly I am paying it forward to everyone else who takes the time to read this. There is no one in the Legal world or on earth like the Pravato Brothers. You will be treated like family from the moment you meet them. With warmest regards, The Cohen Family. Source: Yelp


    Adam C.
  • Mr. Pravato, your Team is the BEST! Having never been in this situation, they were in my corner every moment, explaining each new step we were facing. Ian is a true gem in your firm, as well as Jayne and Maria. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything you’ve done for us! You are the one and ONLY firm I will deal with in the future, as well as refer others to! Thank you so very much, Pati & Rick R. Source: >Yelp


    Patricia R.
  • I engaged Wolf & Pravato after an auto accident and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I was treated with professionalism and compassion as they walked me through the process. Their expertise and conviction protected me from being bullied by my own insurance company. I am very pleased with the results of my case. It is more than I was expecting. I hope I never have a reason to need this type of representation again, but if I do, I will not look any farther than Wolf & Pravato. Thank you again for all your efforts; you have quite an impressive team!!! Source: Yelp


    Scott F.
  • My representative Vernae was wonderful and very attentive. Source:


  • Attorney Brian Malamud from this office was very professional and efficient while working on my case. I am really happy that I chose this office but most of all I’m glad that brain was assigned to my case. Brain is very reliable and dependable. Thanks a million Brian. Thumbs up! Source: Yelp


    Mary A.
  • The services I received by the team at Wolf & Pravato law offices were stellar! Their professional conduct was of the utmost kind, though, they also remainder personable. The counsel I received went above and beyond their responsibilities. All of these characteristics were very comforting during a time of trials and tribulations that resulted from my accident. The team was realistic throughout the entire  process, which I extremely appreciated. As well, when it came down to business and negotiating with the insurance adjuster the team did a fantastic job. In the end, the compensation that I received WELL exceeded my expectations and I was extremely happy with all areas of my representation with Wolf & Pravato law offices! I would highly recommend them for any personal injury cases!!!!!!!! Source: Yelp


    Jared S.
  • I couldn’t be more satisfy with what this law firm has done for me. they went above and beyond to make sure my case was resolve to the fullest potential. and im very happy with the outcome of case with WOLF AND PROVATO. once again thank you. Source: Yelp


    Phillip W.
  • I was referred to this firm from a previous client.  I was a little hesitant but after my initial contact with the attorneys at the office, I immediately knew I chose the right firm.  The staff at Wolf and Pravato are all dedicated and hardworking. I was always informed of the status on my case and they were all patient and kind as I had not had a previous accident. They really are committed to their client’s. If I had to rate this firm I would say they go above and beyond and come highly recommended! I was very happy with my settlement and how quickly the process was!! Thanks again to the staff at Wolf and Pravato! Source: Yelp


    Patricia K.
  • This law firm is great, They stay on top of everything and always answer all questions at anytime.  Blanche is great, she has been on top of everything and really knows her job. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone i know is they have any types of problems.  Thank You guys again. Source: Yelp


    Jordan B.
  • I’ve had personal experience with this law firm and they really went above and beyond for me. In a day when insurance companies simply take your money and refuse to provide benefits when you are actually injured, it was refreshing to have a law firm like Wolf and Pravato on my side. Source: Google+


    A Google User
  • Very good, kept in touch via emails & phones, worked hard to reduce my hospital costs out of pocket. Explained things to me in layman terms that made it easier for me to understand and relate to my situation. Source:



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