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When Uber Goes from Safe Choice to Disaster…

We are in the “Age of the Uber”, when car services triumph carpools, and taxi cabs are almost obsolete. One tap of a button on your phone and a car is right out front ready and waiting to bring you to your destination. You don’t even necessarily have to have [...]

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Hurricane Season Preparation in Florida

As South Florida residents, it is extremely important to be well versed in hurricane preparedness as far as what supplies to have on hand, what to do before the storm comes and after it hits, and how to deal with the aftermath. It’s more than just stocking up on water, [...]

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Can I Sue My Employer For Getting Hurt on the Job?

Have You Been Injured at You Work? Speak Up! Facing an injury while at your work or your employers time can be a scary and devastating experience. You may be afraid to speak up and say something to those in charge out of fear of losing your position or for [...]

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Child Injured at Camp or School? Here’s What You Need to Do!

Summer is here, and that means it’s high time for children to spend their days (and possibly even nights) at summer camp, explore new sports and outdoor activities, and play with friends at the pool or beach. Although these experiences are crucial to a child’s youth to help them grow [...]

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Elder Care & Hurricane Season: Prepare Your Loved Ones

Watching a parent age is never easy. Hearing suffers, eyesight fades, walking from room to room becomes a 20-minute affair, and sometimes even mental capacity lessens. It can certainly take a toll on adult children to watch their parents almost become like kids again, needing their love and care, attention [...]

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